Monday, 26 March 2018


"What's a girl to do when she has one full day left in Rotorua?" That's the thought I awoke to first thing this morning. Well ok, the first was probably "where the hell is that rotten egg smell coming from?!" but I'm all for starting my posts on a more positive note.

Sidebar, the smell was coming from both the window we'd accidently left open overnight (Lesson Number 27: thanks to the rampant geothermal activity going on underneath it, the beautiful city of Rotorua kind of has a slight sulphuric smell to it. Best keep the windows closed if a) you're not quite used to yet or b) you're majorly hungover!) and my swimming costume hanging on the radiator next to me, despite having washed it several times since the dunking in Hell's Gate...

Thank GOODNESS this room has it's own bathroom. Blurgh!

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


Have you ever heard a song played over the radio (or should that be 'on Spotify' nowadays? I find at the ripe old age of 27 I'm not so hip with the kids anymore) and it has made you remember a special time, place, or feeling from your past? 

Of course you have! Everyone has at least one song that they associate with a memory, good or bad, somewhere in their arsenal; I just needed to write some form of introduction so that you wouldn't all go "Hey Elle, this isn't a travel-related post? What the deuce?" 

Stewie Griffin impersonations included, of course.

Well, the gauntlet was thrown by the lovely Kerri from Kerridiculous to create a list of songs that take me back in time. After reading her fabulous collection - then spending an hour on Youtube working my way through the said list, because 'Hello, serial procrastination' - how could I resist?

Thursday, 22 February 2018


As much as I like meeting new people and making new friends, there's something decadently rare about finding you have an entire hostel room all to yourself. If could be all yours for hours, minutes or even a mere few seconds, but finding that you can walk through an entire room without tripping over other peoples pants, or fearing waking up that one daytime sleeper, for the first time in weeks suddenly seems an utterly thrilling experience.

I'm trying to make 'listening to music without having to wear headphones' and 'dancing in the semi-nudipants' seem much more exciting than it actually is. Is it working yet?

What is rather exciting, however, is when you meet a familiar face in an unexpected place (Lin Manuel, I'm ready to be hired now). At midday the door to my room opens and who should appear?  None other than Yara from Raglan/Day 22! What a lovely surprise and a crazy coincidence - off all the rooms in all the hostels, and she walks into mine. It's so nice catching up and sharing a room with someone who you've already met during your travels.

Monday, 12 February 2018


The day I visited Hobbiton. AKA the day I finally arrived in my spiritual home. I don't believe it's really just a movie set, it's too real!

Excuse the ugly crying, safe to say I got a bit emotional!!!

But then again, wouldn't you be crying if you'd finally arrived in the one place you've been wishing to visit since you were a youngster?

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