You know those days where you plan a plan, and plan to stick to the plan because you have stuff to do, and need an excellent plan of attack to get it done in a short space of time?
(Also, how many times can I get the word ‘plan’ into one sentence?)
Yeah, that’s how today was supposed to go. After yesterday’s excellent trip I got my butt into gear and booked the first leg of my Stray bus route (Paihia, Cape Reinga and back) leaving tomorrow, with the intention of spending the rest of the day leisurely washing my clothes and repacking my rucksack in preparation. 
As you might be able to tell from the title, that’s not quite how today went.
I get to the laundry room, overstuffed bag in hand, and who should I find chilling on the sofa? (Note to self - when I get my own house in the future, invest in a sofa for the utility room!) Jess from Day 7 - you might remember when we last saw her, running down Queen Street with me singing songs at the top of our lungs! Ah, memories…image

Turns out she’s just as lovely sober as she is mildly tipsy, and we while away our laundry time by chatting and trying Vegemite on toast (although how I made it this far into my New Zealand journey without tasting Vegemite is beyond me! Sorry to any Marmite nay-sayers reading this, but I’m very much on the ‘Love It’ train and vegemite is pretty much the same thing, just more salty and less liquid-y). 
During our chatting we come to the general consensus that we both need new clothes - being a serial mis-judger of weather I of course expected Auckland to be hotter than it actually is, and therefore had packed ONE JUMPER to last me the ENTIRE YEAR - and so once our clothes were as clean and dry as hostel equipment was going to let them be we headed down to Cotton On.
Lesson 11 - Hostel washing machines and tumble dryers are like doing a group project with the class nerd… you can pretty much guarantee that only one of them is going to do the job properly!
Now at this point I wasn’t too worried about deviating from the Plan, as it was still pretty early in the day and I was convinced that packing shouldn’t take too long. Plus I was really enjoying spending time with Jess. 
I still wasn’t too worried when we decided to head to the Sunshine Bar on Level 6 of the hostel for a cheeky early afternoon drink.
And by the time we were several drinks and a share platter of wedges in (note to all, if you ever find yourself in Sunshine Bar in Auckland, order the wedges with cheese, bacon and dips, they are incredible) I was too buzzed to care. In fact, by that point we were too interested in trying to track down a piercing parlour that would still be open at 6pm on a Sunday in order to get our noses pierced!
What’s the strangest thing you and your friends have ever decided to do/get done when drunk?
Luckily for us no where was open, so we settled for grabbing a bottle of wine and testing out our excellent singing and guitar playing skills on some new friends we made that evening, including Jess’s roommate Louise, a lovely girl called Yara, and a very understanding guy who Jess was supposed to be going out with that evening (see, my plans weren’t the only ones that deviated!)
And yes, there is video footage…image
In fact, such an excellent time was had by all (apart from maybe the people in the rooms next to us) that we decided 1am would be a great time to go to bed (aka when the people in the rooms next to us decided it was past time we went to bed… sorry!) The worry only then decided to descend when I found that my key card wouldn’t let me back into my room. Thank goodness my roommates didn’t seem too angry at me banging on the door to be let in, but as an act of contrition I decided that packing my bags could be left until tomorrow, so as to not disturb them any more.
Let’s see how well that plan goes, shall we?


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