It’s the wee hours of the morning when I have to say my goodbye’s to Tricia, Denise and Doris, as they’re hopping back on the Stray bus and continuing their trip down the North island. I’ve been so lucky to have met and made friends with such lovely people on my first journey, and whilst I am sad to not be joining them I know they will have a wonderful time, and it won’t be too long before I get to see all the awesome places they are about to see.
Besides, there’s always Facebook, Instagram… we are so lucky in this day and age that we are simply one click away from contacting people who are literally on the other side of the world. Can you imagine what travelling must have been like for people who could only write letters, or maybe purchase those weird international calling cards in order to make a very brief phone call? 
Anywho, an upside is that I have a few hours left to chill and make use of my little lie in before checking out of Base - Stray can guarantee at least one nights accommodation, but if you’re hopping off and staying in a place longer, then you’re on your own kiddo! So it’s a 10am check out time, but I have to wait until 2pm to check back in again… to the same hostel. What’s a girl to do for this weirdly allotted amount of time?

Luckily most places you stay at are happy to hold your luggage if you want to venture outside during situations like this, so with my massive backpack stashed, my trusty laptop and I head out into the big old city in search for free wifi! 
Or at least cheaper than the hostel wifi is - $5 a day may not seem like much at first, but it adds up pretty quickly.
Yes I know, I hear you cry “you’re in a new country, why don’t you explore, why are you so attached to the internet yadadada”… IT WAS RAINING, ALRIGHT? Plus the wifi was kind of non-existent up in the Bay of Islands, so I thought it would be nice to let everyone back home know I’m still alive and all that. 
Lesson 16 - When looking for decent (and I’m talking the ‘able to load more than one tab at a time’ kind) cheap wifi, head to Starbucks! Grab the cheapest drink you can in a takeaway cup, settle down and set up in a corner, and if you keep pretending to take sips occasionally no one will be any the wiser if you’re still there several hours after your drink has finished. 
I mean, what? I’ve never done this in my entire life… *ahem*
After checking back into my new room in Base I head to my straight to my CV consultation with Jobsearch, and after getting the okay dokey on my CV we discuss job opportunities here in New Zealand - not that I need to worry just yet, but my bank balance had been beaten down somewhat so it’s good to get the knowledge now so I know what to do later. 
I may have mentioned it in a previous post, but if you are looking to travel to a new country on a Working Holiday visa, I would highly recommend looking into going with a company like Jobseekers! They’re so good at getting you set up (great if you’re planning on staying an entire year or longer) and really take the stress off trying to work out how the job market works or what’s best to apply for.
CV stuff complete, it’s time to head to Sunshine Bar to meet Jess, have a drink and catch up on everything since I’ve been away. Naturally, because Drunk-Me doesn’t care so much about her money situation quite as much as Sober-Me does - one drink turns into a several and somehow I end up in bed at 2am with a Dominos pizza.  
Strange really, considering Sunshine Bar is literally only one floor up from my new room, whereas Dominos is a good walk away…image


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