Now that I’m over two weeks in (fifty to go!), I’m discovering that there is definitely two sides to this travelling malarkey. 
The first side is nothing short of magical - waking up in a new place nearly every single day and watching this new world fly past your window. Walking on new beaches, eating new food, gasping as new cultures emerge before your eyes… All that ‘never step in the same river twice’ kind of Disney shiz.
The other side, however, could be attributed to that feeling short term travellers get when they get home - a weird mix of basking in the happy holiday memories, just wanting to sleep but knowing you have no clean clothes left and should probably do something about that. But in a hostel.
I’m going to call these my Down Time Days. Not that they’re in any way sad, but they are necessary if you want to continue making friends or live in close quarters with strangers on the daily. The only thing with Down Time Days is that they have a tendency to become repetitive, to the point where you’re looking around to see if Bill Murray has decided to star in this motion picture.
Is this the most convoluted way to explain the title for a blog post? Fricking A* GSCE for me!

Any who, this particular set of Down Time Days turned out to be a great way to kick my ass into gear in terms of health and overall fitness; I’m not sure if it’s the remnants of the hangover from yesterday (yes, I’m old and highly susceptible to the dreaded 2 day hangover) or if I’m actually getting ill, but it feels like the beginnings of a cold is coming on. 
Should have seen it coming really - September in New Zealand is technically winter after all!
So in an attempt to counteract the incoming sniffles, I eat the healthiest food in my arsenal - an apple and a granola bar (thank you past me for the food shop yesterday) - grab the closet thing I have to active wear (ratty t-shirt and leggings anyone? Damn I’m sexy!) and head down to the gym that Base Auckland happens to have. It’s usually $5 a day to use, but the lady at reception was very kind and gave me 3 days for $5 instead! 
This is Lesson 1 in full effect people! It always, always, ALWAYS pays to be nice to the reception staff! 
So I develop my own little rep selection from the vague gym-going memories I’ve retained over the years, and hope that it will hit most of my body. Actual fit and healthy people, please let me know if this is any good or not:image
Then its soup and a homemade tuna salad sandwich on wholemeal bread for lunch, sultanas for a snack (in the cute little red boxes because I am a child) whilst editing the small suggested changes to my CV and do some writing. 
Throw in the copious amounts of laundry, and I’ve had a kick ass productive couple of Down Time Days!
Then, as we are all skint because it takes a while for money to transfer money across the world, I spend the evenings chatting and chilling with Jess and her roommate Louise in various different rooms of the hostel. It turns out hostels will literally put sofas in any and every room they can. 
Including the laundry room. Where apparently only 2 of the 8 washing machines work properly. 
Lesson Number 18 - Keep an eye out on which washing machines are best to use, and which are downright awful. Otherwise you will be fishing all your clothes out of the one that refuses to drain, and spending the next five hours trying to beat 10 other people to the better ones in an attempt to re-wash and dry them!
Oh, travelling is such a glamorous life!


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