Hostel life, 90% of the time, can be great fun - it’s a fantastic way to meet new people from all walks of life, the nights out are crazy, and if you’re lucky you can meet your next travelling companions, or at least make a new friend or two.
But then there a moments, like last night for example, where random strangers think its a great idea to run screaming through the hallways at 4am. 
It’s like university all over again, except this time I’m 25 and wondering if I’m a princess or just a fuddy-duddy for wanting to go yell at them to SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO TO BED!
I’m sorry. I used to be one of you, back when I was 18 and my liver was made of steel instead of stale porridge. But although you may hear the tales from other travellers and expect such things to be common hostel occurrence, here’s a little tip from your Aunty Ellie.
Lesson 20 - Although it may seem like a fantastic idea to your Jager soaked brain, please spare a thought to the hundred other sleeping hostellers before you go being loud in the corridors in the early hours of the morning. They paid to be there too, and may not appreciate being disturbed when they have an early plane or bus trip to go on.
So between last night’s self inflicted liver damage (turns out that wine is now my new Jager) and the raucous rooster calls of pissed partiers, is it any wonder that I can only muster up enough energy to be productive towards the early afternoon?
As Schmidt from New Girl would say… YOUTHS!
Any who, what little energy I had did go in to applying for jobs online. Funnily enough, travelling is expensive, and living in Auckland even more so, so I figure it’s a good idea to get ahead of the game and try and find something before I end up dancing in the street for money. 
I also came up with this really cool tactic on how to get a little privacy in a non privacy area - say like in a 4, 6, 8 or 10 person dorm room (at least if you’re lucky enough to get find yourself a bottom bunk - a rare find in the hostel world). If you’re given a thin white sheet with your bedding (if not, a strategically placed towel will work too) tuck it up along the top railing of your bunk, wedge it between the metal bars and the top bunk’s mattress, let it drape down in front of you, et voila! Privacy sheet! Great for those hangover mornings where you’re too rough to show your face, or even if you’re slightly introverted and just need some time on your lonesome to recharge. 

No, I didn’t get out of bed, get dressed or eat, but I still feel I used my energy wisely.
As the evening rolled around, Jess texts asking if I fancy going out for dinner, so I roll myself into the shower, pull on some clothes and we head to The Good Home near Mt Eden. Her friend Louise happens to work there and manages to sneakily join us for a bit by being our server for the night. Something about their really delicious burger makes the remains of our hangovers disappear enough to order a drink or two (either that, or the old ‘hair for the dog’ technique really works) and we have a great old time chatting and laughing the night away. 
Eventually we head back to Base, and stay up talking and playing guitar in the Chill Room until we accidentally go over the 11pm curfew. A curfew we didn’t realise we had broken until we get yelled at by the room next door. 
Ah, what goes around, comes around I suppose!


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