Today is my last day before getting back on the bus with Stray! It’s my final day in Auckland before heading off to pastures unknown… Ok, not really that unknown, as there’s a map showing where we are going (look at me and the rhyming today) but definitely to new places and destinations I have yet to experience.
You know what I have experienced, and can often times be unknown? The wifi situation in the hostel! I try to keep in mind that no wifi can be super fast and always reliable when upwards of 100 people and devices are using it at the same time, but when it takes three weeks to finally Skype chat with Mum and the family back home for the first time since I arrived? You can see how it’d annoy a girl…
Still, you’ve got to admire this technologically brilliant age that we live in; I’m not 100% sure I would survive travelling to the opposite side of the world with only postcards or uber-expensive, 5 minute phone calls to hear from the family when you’re feeling homesick.
But by goodness, did I need to see my family’s faces right bout now. 

It was so lovely catching up with all the madness going on back home; hearing all about my little brothers first few weeks back at high school, my sister taking on her post-university life in full time employment (because, unlike me, she was a smart cookie and studied properly and got TWO job offers for when she graduated) and finding out what the cat had literally dragged in this week. 
And it only took mum 15 minutes to work out how to get the video feed up and working on her screen! Haha, sorry Mum (pretty sure she’s going to read this) but it’s the little things that make you smile.
Do any other travellers out there get that post-Skype slump after speaking to their family? It’s got to be one of the harder parts of going solo, knowing that the life you left behind is moving on without you. I mean, travelling is wonderful and amazing and a completely life changing experience, but there’s definitely a sense of missing the physical contact, like hugs and such… or maybe it’s just FOMO? Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the subject.
In any case, one look at the couple of emails back from job applications (rejections, but still) is enough to remind me that wallowing won’t get me anywhere fast!
Big girl pants pulled up, I get my butt back into action with a quick trip to Tank for a nourishing salad (really taking a liking to the Classic Caesar with a Energiser Juice on the side) for lunch. Not sure if the ‘Energiser’ shot they put in my drink is caffeine, a placebo or something else entirely, but either way it’s given me the boost needed to pull out the old backpack and get cracking with the repacking! image
Said packing ends up being redone two or three times as I try to work out which method is best to store my clothes; Simply folding is fine, the rolling method seems to be better for compacting and creating more space… but boy you really have to put your back into it…
Screw it, mum’s not here, I’m just going to shove it in and hope for the best!
Lesson 21 - Don’t just shove it in and hope for the best. Your clothes WILL explode out of your backpack when you next open it, and you will have to start ALL. OVER. AGAIN.


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