Does anyone else just randomly forget how old they are? Like you’re just happily bobbing along through life, not realising that some of your fondest memories are slowly becoming years old instead of months or weeks? Where you still feel 18 in your soul even when you start having to tick the next age box up on important forms?
Then you do something that 18 Year Old You had no problems recovering from, but reduces Now You to a hot effing mess hanging their head over the toilet bowl?
Yeah, that was what last night did to me!
Although the partying was so worth it in terms of meeting people and having fun, the hangover gained from the free punch was brutal. Long gone are the days where I could drink my bodyweight in £7 vodka and 50p mixers, dance until the wee hours and still roll into lectures at 9am the next morning. Now its sleeping until midday before spending the next few hours rolling between nausea and jackhammer headaches, and trying to down enough water and paracetamol just to be able to stand upright.
Basically, a rude awakening to the fact that I’ve appeared to turn old. Curse you Time Lords!!!

So all of my perfect, productivity filled plans to sort out my CV, edit some videos, maybe even upload one or two of these blog posts have been thrown out of the window in favour for pepperoni pizza, diet coke and watching Youtube videos - aka my never fails hangover day cure.
Lesson Number 8 was learnt today - turns out in New Zealand, when you order garlic bread from a pizza joint, they will present you with a WHOLE baguette of garlic bread! None of this ‘couple of slices’ nonsense that the UK gives you, I’m talking wrapped in tin foil, cooked whole in the oven then presented to you like a toasty warm burrito. I swear that alone could cure even the most toilet bowl-ladden of hangovers!
And so my day ended, in the black spiral of Youtube, covered in cheese and garlic (mmmm… sexy!) with my headache reduced to a light throb, having done nothing on my To Do list (except alter all my FoxyTravelsUK social media pages so they all match… basically I made all the profile and cover photos the same!)
Which is where my room mates found me, and informed me that I’d woken every single one of them up at 4am, singing as I fell through the bedroom door.
Happy 1 Week Travel Anniversary to Me!


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