Saturday, 9 September 2017


So much recovery sleep yesterday has lead to me literally springing out of bed this morning! In an almost comical, cartoon-eque way, complete with a sunglasses wearing sun greeting me a happy day and jolly ukulele background music.
Yes, ok, this may have all happened at 5am, but I’m going to blame the residual jet lag on that. How long is jet lag supposed to last anyway?!
But productivity waits for no lady, so by midday I had:
  • Opened up an NZ bank account
  • Transferred money across from the UK
  • Got my NZ sim card activated and working in my phone
  • Sort out my itinerary with Stray Travel for the next few weeks of my trip
  • Created a new CV 
  • Received my IRD number
(At this point in the movie the inspiring Rocky work out montage music is playing. Duh duh duuuuuuuuh! Duh duh duuuuuuuh!)

Someone dab my forehead cos I am sweating!
(Ewww, no… move on Ellie! Before the image sticks…)
Any who, to celebrate the achievement of the day, I decided it was high time to book a day trip away. The beauty of Auckland is that you are not just restricted to visiting the main town - there are a multitude of gorgeous islands literally a half hours boat ride away.
(I’m on a boat aaaaaand, it’s going fast aaaaand - if I haven’t ear wormed you yet I apologise, I’ll try harder next time)
So tomorrow I take my first venture into travelling around New Zealand - Waiheke Island here we come!
But first, Great British Bake Off and Chill, because I know how to party.
Lesson number 9 - try not to leave it a week to get your body clock in sync with the new country you’re visiting. It will lead to everyone thinking you’re a secret grandma when they find you asleep at 5pm with british people baking bread in the background. Ooooh look at that alliteration!


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